The Best Time to Set Outdoor Timers for Christmas Lights

We always ask our Christmas Light Install customers when they want their timers set for. Everyone has different opinions on the best time to set the timer for their Christmas Light Installation. Some folks want to leave them on to turn off when they go to bed as early as 9pm, some want them to stay on all night until the sun comes up! (Dusk til’ Dawn). We even have customers that have their Christmas lights turn off at midnight and then back on again for the enjoyment of early commuters (on from (4:30am-7am).

The best time for Christmas Lights to turn on is dusk, right when the sun is going down. The Christmas lights look awesome at dusk! We are in Carbondale, IL so when the time-change takes place in November the sun starts going down around 4:30pm.

Inside wrap with multicolor mini-lights in Carbondale, IL.

The most popular timeframe for our Christmas Light Installation customers is 4:30pm-11pm. What timeframe do you prefer for your Christmas Lights? Contact us at we would love to hear your opinion.
If you are in Carbondale, Illinois and would like a Free Quote for Christmas Light Installation give us a call at 618-525-3406.

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