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Our All-inclusive Christmas Light Installation Service
will WOW your neighbors and help take the hassle out of your holiday.

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With hundreds of 5-Star Reviews, we are confident we can handle any and all of your exterior cleaning requests! If you're looking for house washing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, wood and concrete restoration, window cleaning or other pressure washing services, then we are the right company for you.


Roof & Siding Washing

Our signature Softwash method is the safest and most effective way to remove unsightly black streaks, dirt, & algae from your home. Power washing for your roof, awning, shingle, siding and stucco cleaning.


Wood & Concrete Power Washing

Restore the look and safety of wood and concrete by properly treating and eliminating dirt and algae buildup. Pressure washing for your deck cleaning, stone paver cleaning, trex deck cleaning and composite deck cleaning.


Gutter Debris Removal

Seasonal gutter maintenance gives you the peace of mind that rainwater is flowing as it should and helps avoid water damage from clogged gutters. Get gutter cleaning services and awning cleaning all in one place.


Holiday & Event Lighting

We can install holiday & event lights at your home or office to make sure that it’s festive and attractive as the holiday season nears.

Want to talk to The Most Trusted exterior cleaning professionals in Southern Illinois about your next project?

Professionally Trained & Certified

We have built an extensive training program for our employees that is integrated with safety protocols and leading cleaning techniques from the nation's most recognized power washing networks and professionals. Every employee is fully trained with our systems to ensure that your project yields the best results possible.

Step 12: Cover all electrical outlets with tape to prevent electrical fires.

~Judge Services Softwash System

Step 3: Greet all customers with a smile and review scope of work before performing services.

~ Judge Services Job Arrival System

Step 23: Flush all downspouts with running water to ensure gutters are free of clogs.

~Judge Services Gutter Cleaning System


Step 17: Follow up with the client within 7 days of a project to ensure all service expectations were met.

~Judge Services Customer Experience System


"Mom plus- My kids watched as the super water guns went to town on our deck."


As a Realtor, I understand the importance of having a clean looking home when you are ready to sell it. Josh always does great work with every house he cleans and makes sure the customer is satisfied every time. Josh's services help me to better market the properties, and that's worth way more than the cost for his services. If you are looking for an affordable, quality house-cleaning or roof cleaning, you're in the right place! Also check out their concrete cleaning...blew my mind!


Justin Zurlinden

Josh cleaned the back fence and our LP tank at our church which was way overdue. It now looks awesome! He is very personable and gets the job well done. Would highly recommend.


Cindy McDaniel Nehring

Professional team and easy to work with! They listen to what you want and then give you options to get that accomplished. I like their estimate as it itemizes services so that you can see what each different service costs. We did a holiday light install. They did a beautiful job. The best thing was that they came back and removed everything and we didn't have to! Now we have an estimate for house cleaning, which will be done as soon as the weather and their schedule allow. Great, professional folks who value a job done right. Give them a try!

Lori Patch Martin

We had our deck, playground, and picnic table washed and it looks and feels like we got completely new everything. The difference is night and day. Quick, friendly, and efficient.

Mom plus- My kids watched as the super water guns went to town on our deck. They were entertained all morning and I drank my coffee in peace. WIN.

Thanks so much!

Shelby Theresa

Cleaning Packages!

Each service can be customized for your needs, but here are the general offerings for each service

Roof Washing

  • All Black Streaks Safely Removed via SoftWashing
  • All Plants And Walkways Rinsed With Water
  • 2-Year Stain-Free Guarantee

Concrete Cleaning & Restoration

  • Removal Of Dirt, Algae, & Organic Stains
  • Hot-Water Power Washing To Lift Oil & Stains
  • Rust & Battery Acid Stain Removal

House Siding Washing

  • Gutter Fascia, Soffits, & Siding Washed With Biodegradable Solution
  • Removal Of All Dirt, Algae, Mildew, Bird Droppings, & Bug Spots
  • All Windows, Plants, & Walkways Thoroughly Rinsed

Wood Deck Cleaning

  • All Mold, Mildew, Algae, Dirt, & Pollen Safely Treated via SoftWashing
  • All Debris Softly Washed Away with Low Pressure
  • Post-Treament Wood Brightener Applied

Gutter Cleaning

  • Remove Any Buildup From Your Gutters Including Leaves, Sticks, Pine Needles, Gross Sludge & The Occasional Tennis Ball
  • Inspect & Test To Make Sure All Downspouts Are Free-Flowing
  • Bag Up And Remove Remnants

Holiday Lighting

  • Lighting Design Consultation
  • We Supply & Install And Lighting
  • Maintain & Remove Lighting After Installation



Judge Services is a family-owned and operated business located in Carbondale, IL. Judge Services specializes in exterior cleaning, roof washing, siding cleaning, window cleaning & holiday lighting. Founded in 2014, our focus has always been to treat every customer like they are family and care for every home like it is our own. Experience quality, integrity & dependability with Judge Services. Your home may not be brand new, but we'll make it look like it is.

family pic

My better half, Melissa, is the Principal for Tri-County School in Murphysboro. Our oldest son, Jack, turned 5 in January and our youngest son, Silas, will turn 3 in July.


In 2014 I decided to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, Don Judge. He started his own service business when he was 35 years old. “Judge Antennae & Alarms”, in Olney, IL, was the area’s household name for antennae and alarm installation. I’ll never forget when he told me that he “hadn’t worked a day since he was 35”. This is a man that would climb 50-100 foot antennae towers on a daily basis to solve his customer’s problems with their TV reception. He loved his small service business so much, that it never felt like work to him.


I, too, love what I do. Providing these services to my community, meeting new people and developing life-long relationships with my customers give me a great deal of pride. Thank you for considering Judge Services. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your home like it is my own.


Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to be home for an estimate or for us to complete the work. We will get everything cleaned up exactly like we said we would. We will send you a text message when we are on the way to your project and when we’re finished. Knowing when someone is on your property, especially when you’re not home, gives you peace of mind and that makes us happy!

We accept personal check, cash and all major credit cards. Payment is due upon completion of the work. So, if you won’t be home, just let us know and we can email you the invoice. This makes it easy and simple for you to pay online.

While you do not need to be present for us to do the cleaning, we do ask that you go through this checklist before we arrive.

  • Close Windows and Doors
  • Please have your vehicles parked away from the areas to be cleaned (20-30' from the house). The end of the driveway or in the street is fine.
  • Pick up doggy-doo if possible.
  • Keep children and pets indoors during the duration of our cleaning
  • Unlock any backyard gates.
  • If possible, remove any flags, doormats, cushions, bird feeders, hanging plants, etc. that you'd prefer to move and place them indoors or in the garage. We can move most items and place them on the lawn while we clean and replace them afterwards.
  • Make sure your outside water source is on.
  • Let us know if there is a water source that we should not use.
  • If you’re not able to be home for the job, please leave a check in a privately disclosed location.
  • Let us know if there are any areas of concern. (Leaky problems areas, a window that doesn’t seal well, etc.).
  • If you're concerned about door seals, you can place a towel on the inside of any exterior doors.

Yes, we can work in the rain! It can be quite nice to let Mother Nature help us rinse! If it is storming too hard we may have to postpone or reschedule.

We try to reserve our weekends for family time and relaxation. However, sometimes we have to work around the business hours of our valued clients.

We know you’re busy and you don’t have time to sit around your house in the middle of the day while we do our work. That’s no problem! Most of the time, our customers are either at work or away from home while we make their property shine. This is why we send you text notifications when we are “On our way” to your job and another text when “We are all finished up!”. This way you know when someone is on your property, even when you’re not.

Great question! Yes, we are fully insured with Worker’s Compensation and $2 Million in Commercial Liability.

Judge Services started in 2014 as a Painting and Pressure Washing company. In 2018 we began focusing on Exterior Cleaning.

Those streaks are actually a living bacteria called “Gleocapsa Magma”. Often referred to as “Black Algae”, this bacteria spreads by air and the critters that run across your roof.

Yes! It will damage it and void your warranty! This is why we never use high pressure for roof cleaning. We use a method called Soft Washing which is not only safe for your shingles, it is the cleaning method recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association.

Algae, moss, mold and pretty much any other organic growth love to hang out in cool, damp areas. The north side of a building provides an abundance of shade and moisture. That’s why the “green” is always more prominent on the north side of your house.

Using high pressure to clean your home can absolutely cause damage. Siding can be broken, windows can be cracked and water can be pushed into places you don’t want it to go. Which is why we also Soft Wash all siding, windows and other common home surfaces.

Soft Washing is a cleaning process that utilizes low pressure to deliver a customized cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project. It differs from pressure washing in that the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure which will not harm or damage painted surfaces, shingles, wood, or vinyl siding.

The power of chemistry is what makes our Soft Wash process so effective. Different surfaces and different contaminants require different levels of “soft washing”. With each cleaning job we perform, our cleaning solution is custom mixed on-site and applied. We do not have a “one size fits all” approach to cleaning. We will customize a cleaning plan to maximize effectiveness while also keeping your cost as low as possible!

Some surfaces will require pressure to get the maximum “clean” effect. When this is the case, we are fully equipped with the latest in today’s pressure washing technology as well!

Yes, our soaps are eco-friendly and biodegradable. However, they could cause damage if they were used by someone without the proper training or experience. We are certified in Plant and Property Protection and we work around beautiful landscaping every day! We always go above and beyond to make sure your plants are happy and healthy.

We tend to get some warm days scattered throughout our winter and this allows us to clean 12 months out of the year!

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