Room By Room Housing Cleaning Checklist


Cleaning a home from top to bottom can be a real task, whether you’re going to be thoroughly cleaning your own home or someone else’s. Deep cleaning an entire house can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a plan. This house cleaning checklist room by room will help you to clean any house in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Once you get to the kitchen, whether it’s the first room you clean or the last, there is a certain order you should do things in to be most efficient:

. Clean all the counters and cabinets
. Clean the face of all appliances, including the dishwasher and microwave
. Wipe down the stovetop
. While soaking the stove knobs and drip pan in the sink, clean out the interior of the microwave and oven
. Spray cleaner inside the oven and let it sit while cleaning out the microwave
. Clean out oven
. Rinse and replace all knobs and drip pans
. Clean sink, including handles and faucet
. Sweep and mop floor


. Pull out all furniture and vacuum room
. Remove clutter, dust, vacuum and rearrange closets
. Replace furniture
. Make beds
. Straighten entire room

Living room

. Remove all clutter from room
. Throw away or consider donating unwanted items
. Dust the entire room with dusting cloth
. Wipe down furniture if leather, or vacuum if upholstered
. Vacuum floor, or sweep and mop if hardwood. Vacuum any rugs that may be present


. Remove rugs and trashcans
. Remove all items from tub/shower area
. Lay a mat in shower/bathtub
. Spray warm water in tub/shower, ensuring that you get the walls
. Spray tile cleaner to entire area, leaving it for a few minutes
. Clean mirrors with glass cleaner
. Clean sink, counters and tub/shower with all purpose bathroom cleaner
. Climb in bathtub/shower and stand on the mat; clean the walls and door, if there is one
. Fill bucket with warm water and cleaner, and set aside
. Scrub tile and grout. Use more grout cleaner if necessary
. Clean soap dish, shower rack, and shower door or shower curtain liner
. Rinse entire shower/tub area and use a dry cloth to dry
. Spray sink, soap dish and counter top with cleaner. Scrub and rinse
. Use grout brush to scrub around cracks and crevices of sink and drain
. Rinse sink and rag
. Wipe down cabinets and counter top
. Shine the faucet
. Sweep and mop floor
. Replace trashcans, shower items, etc.


When thoroughly cleaning a home, you can’t forget the exterior. Here is a checklist to ensure that you perform as thorough a job outside as inside.

. Remove any debris in gutters
. Inspect for any signs of wear and make any necessary repairs, using a sealant
. Using a soapy sponge, wash your garage door.
Use hose to rinse
. Clean your exterior windows with the appropriate cleaner and supplies. You might even want to consider using a steam cleaner
. Search for any cobwebs and get rid of any you find
. Clean out and deodorize trash cans
. Pressure wash the siding of your home, ensuring that you do this prior to washing the windows
. Inspect your deck and clean and make repairs as necessary. Retouch paint or stain if necessary
. If you haven’t done so already, disassemble your grill and clean all parts thoroughly. Reassemble and apply paint, if necessary

While you don’t have to follow these steps in order, this checklist will enable you to clean both the interior and exterior of your home as thoroughly as possible, without forgetting anything.

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