Our Siding Cleaning service offers the safest method of washing a house exterior. This method is

We never rely on the pressure from our commercial-duty washer to clean the side of a home. This can cause damage to the siding and could also force water into places that you don’t want. Instead, we first lightly rinse the surface.  We will then spray on our house wash solution with pump-up sprayers. After the solution has sat for a few minutes, we will scrub all surfaces with soft-bristle brushes (this includes all siding, soffets, gutters and downspouts). This will loosen all the debris and allow it to be easily rinsed away.

This method is hard work and can take  twice as long as methods used by our competitors. However, this method is by far the safest and most effective way to wash your home.

If you would like an estimate to have your house washed, give us a call today!

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