Learn How the Professionals Safely Clean your Roof Without a Pressure Washer

Roof Washing Services

Keeping the roof of your apartments clean remains the best approach in maintaining a desirable curb appeal at your residence. There are several roof cleaning methods available, but outsourcing the services of professional cleaners will help you get everything done right. Experts prohibit the use of pressure washing of the roof due to its damaging effects on nearly all the roofing material. It is crucial to look for experts who will clean your roofs without the involvement of the destructive pressure washers. Luckily, the rest of the discussion tries to help you understand How the professionals safely clean your roof without a pressure washer.

1. Roof Blow

The experts here use high-pressure air blowers and leaf blowers to blow off the debris from your roofs. This technique clears all the visible debris, such as moss, leaves, and sticks, leaving your roof pretty clean. This roof cleaning approach enables homeowners to witness a clear difference in the roof at an instant.

Roof blowing is a relatively quick cleaning procedure that clears large debris to cosmetically appealing roofing for your home. This approach is also quite affordable as all the experts need a blower only to have everything done.

2. The Use of Zinc Oxide

The application of zinc oxide on your roof remains a perfect alternative that makes the cleaning professionals keep the pressure washers at bay. The experts use zinc powder or its strips on your roof during the cleaning process to get rid of visibly stuck grime. The toxicity of the zinc oxide helps to eliminate the lichen, moss, algae, and several other plant life on your roofs.

The rain spreads zinc particles evenly across the roof to kill the plants on the roof with time. The rainwater then washes the dead plants from your roof, depositing them onto the gutters for easy removal.

Please note that not all companies, including our own, use this method. This is a slow-acting method to stopping the growth of moss, but does not always cause the moss to disappear.

3. Utilization of Soft Wash Cleaning

The use of soft wash in roof cleaning has gained popularity over the recent past due to its effectiveness in attaining excellent cleanliness levels. The cleaning specialists apply a diluted bleach solution on your roofs and rinse using clean water. Such a solution kills every living organism on your roof with no chances of regrowth.

The soft wash cleaning maintains your roof integrity while giving keeping it clean for an extended period. The longevity of your roofing structures extends when you opt for this method in which experts clean the roof without the use of pressure washers.

4. Eliminating the Black Streaks from the Roof

The appearance of black streaks on your rooftops is mainly due to the presence of algae, commonly known as gloeocapsa magma. Mold and algae thrive of your roofs due to moisture, especially during cold seasons across the year. The accumulation of algae may not damage your shingles but will ultimately make the roof look bad hence the need for professional cleaning.

The cleaning experts will wash your roof shingles using a broom or soft bristle brush to prevent damage. They also scrub using a combination of water and detergent via appropriate ratios of two parts of water to one part of detergent. This method removes any solids and detaches the stuck algae from the roofing structures. The final stage is rinsing off the roof with plain water to retain a clean roof.

5. Scrapping the Moss Off the Roofs

Scraping remains among the top approaches for use when removing moss in efforts to restore the cleanliness and curb appeal of your roofing. The cleaning experts use an appropriate trowel to rub the moss off the roofs without leaving any scratch marks on your shingles or tiles. Choosing a dry day to scrap the moss with be essential to get rid of the moss effectively without interference from rainwater.
Alternatively, the cleaning experts can use a stiff brush and a rubber scraper to avoid the appearance of scuff marks after cleaning your roofs.

6. Discourage Algae and Moss Growth

Knowledgeable roof cleaning experts will always help you in implementing the precautionary measures that will ensure the roofs remain clean for an extended period. They take part in trimming the long tree branches around your houses to allow sunlight to reach the roofs. The trimming also prevents the accumulation of tree leaves and other debris that may promote the growth of moss and algae.

The expert that you choose will also use a non-abrasive method to clear all the debris off the rooftop. Cleaning gutters is the other thing that the cleaners do to promote excellent water drainage.

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