How to Pressure Wash Your House Siding Economically

pressure washing house

In the past it was common to use high pressure water washers to clean house siding. This, however, has the disadvantages of being expensive and potentially causing damage to the area being cleaned. With high pressure water the operator has to be close to the surface being cleaned which often means using ladders and scaffolding to reach inaccessible areas which increases your costs. Low pressure house siding washing uses detergents and chemical cleaners to prepare the surface before rinsing off and allows a much lower water pressure to be used. This has the advantages of producing an overall better result with the surface cleaning agent dissolving mildew, mold and algae before the surface is washed off rather than relying on a high pressure water jet that often cannot alone remove all traces of these contaminants. When you ask ‘How much does it cost to pressure wash a house?’ you need to also keep in mind how the washing will be done and whether you will achieve the best results by using older high pressure cleaning techniques.

The fact is that low pressure washing using modern detergents and cleaning agents reduces the possibility of causing damage to your house, produces a better result because the detergents work at a molecular level thus providing long lasting protection to the surface, disinfects as well as cleans your house, while the reduced water flow means you do not need scaffolding or ladders and you end up using much less water. Modern cleaning solutions usually include Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) as the active ingredient combined with a foaming agent that is highly safe and effective when used properly. The foamy mixture that results will remove debris, spider webs as well as dust dirt and mold or algae. The solution is often no stronger than the water that is found in most swimming pools so is not dangerous to you or the environment.This means that it will cost you much less to use low pressure or soft washing techniques with these cleaning agents than relying on high pressure cleaning for house siding.

Whilst the cost of a pressure washer has become affordable to buy or hire and some people opt to ‘do it yourself’ there are many good reasons to consider getting a professional to clean your house siding. First and foremost a professional will know which equipment (such as nozzles and extension wands) will be required for your particular house and circumstances. They will have professional grade detergents that offer specific solutions to your cleaning needs that are also environmentally friendly. With a professional operator you can be sure there will be no damage to your siding, windows or other house features as well as offering insurance cover if something does go wrong. An experienced operator can clean multi story buildings from the ground using various techniques to clean a variety of surfaces and problem areas and achieve the best possible results that are relatively inexpensive when you add up the costs of doing it yourself.

The advantages of low pressure soft washing is that you can clean your whole house from ground level. A professional cleaner will have the correct fittings to clean a house over 50 feet high without the necessity of scaffolding or ladders. This includes roof peaks, guttering and other hard to reach places. This means that your trim, siding, window frames and gutters will come out looking as food as the rest of the house. By using the best tools and environmentally friendly detergents for the job they will ensure superior results in a minimum of time and at an affordable cost.

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