How High-Pressure House Washing Can Damage Your Home

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If you have been searching for answers as to why and how high-pressure house washing can damage your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Pressure washing various surfaces can help blast away dirt, debris and if the user is not careful, parts of the structure surface itself! Therefore, homeowners debating between a high-power wash of any kind and a soft wash should keep the following points in mind when making such an important decision.
Erosion of the Surface

One of the biggest drawbacks of using an increased pressure to clean a home is erosion of the surface. Whether the surface being cleaned is vinyl, brick or another material, it can become damaged in the process. The pressure can cause cracks and tears that are not visible to the naked eye or even blast away very noticeable pieces, essentially baring the construction materials. This leaves the home vulnerable to the elements and even pests such as termites for example, potentially leading to more serious and expensive problems.

Broken and/or Damaged Exterior Fixtures

As previously mentioned, utilizing high-pressure rather than a soft wash can do serious damage to the exterior of the home. This is important to note because if the pressure will destroy brick, wood and cement, then it is obviously not safe for cleaning the entire exterior of the home, let alone most of the pricier fixtures. As a matter of fact, the pressure can actually break out the windows, destroy gutters by damaging them or ripping them away from the home and is generally not considered safe-for-use on outdoor electrical components attached to the home, such as air conditioning units. Decks, porches and other outdoor living spaces are not safe from these damages either.

More Damage than Wind and Hail

If high-pressure can damage all of the exterior fixtures listed above, then one can only imagine what it may do to a roof. Concentrated pressure of water on asphalt roofing tiles may actually cause more damage than wind and hail. As a result, high-pressure house washing can lead to the need to replace roofing tiles, risking water damage to the interior of the home during the process. This issue is not limited to one specific type of roofing either. The increased pressure can harm metal, stone-coated steel, slate and even rubber roofing materials.

The Costs and Repairs of Damages

Perhaps one of the biggest damages that cannot be overlooked by the homeowner is the financial burden that is associated with necessary repairs. Not all damage from the force of the pressure or water itself may be immediately evident. Small leaks that go unnoticed can cause big problems over time. Prolonged damage from water, wind and temperatures from the cracks and crevices created can even lead to the destruction of the very foundation in which the home was built. When or if this occurs, these repairs can actually cost in the thousands of dollars. Even worse, most homeowner insurance companies will not cover these types of repairs.

Other Important Things to Consider

These are just a few of the ways to describe how high-pressure house washing can damage your home and cost more money. It is always a good idea to keep in mind that the extent or type of the damage can vary significantly depending on several factors. These factors can include but is not limited to whether this is a do-it-yourself or professional job, the condition of the exterior and the knowledge of the individual pressure washing. However, there are cost-efficient and reliable options such as the soft wash that can minimize, if not eliminate many of the risks associated with high-pressure methods.

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