Clients ask me all the time if I will install gutter guards after I clean them. The answer is yes, I will install gutter guards if that’s the client wants. BUT, I make sure to tell everyone a few of the Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards.

– Gutter guards are great for keeping large debris such as twigs and leaves from immediately entering your gutters and downspouts.
– Most gutter guards don’t stay put! They get jostled around or blown away by strong wind and allow large debris in at the worst time!

– Metal mesh guards can be installed that can be securely fastened by screws to your gutters.
– First, these guards are expensive and time consuming to install. Second, although they block out large debris, even these guards allow smaller debris through. This debris accumulates over time (quicker than you might think) and will eventually clog up the gutters anyway!
– Gutter Guards create a “false sense of security”. Homeowners will go years without checking their “guarded” gutters even though they should!
Final Con!
– Guarded gutters need cleaning too! But the guards make the process much harder and more time consuming. This can mean a much more expensive gutter cleaning job.

Will in install gutter guards? Sure, I will. But in my opinion, they are not worth the money!

Check out this video to learn how cleaning your gutters can save you from spending thousands of dollars in water damage!

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