We will restore your old wood decks and wood siding!

Pressure washing wooden decks can be risky if you don’t have much experience. Using just the right amount of pressure is hard to do unless you’ve done it many, many times before. Too much pressure will damage the wood and too little pressure won’t properly remove the stains.

Old weathered, gray and alge covered decks can be brought back to life with the right solutions, the right tools and a little know-how.

We use Deck Bright when we clean open grain decks. This 100%-biodegradable, oxygen-activated powder concentrate foams up, clings to vertical surfaces and lifts dirt to the surface. It is the safest, “greenest” product for cleaning outdoor wood – non-toxic, non-acidic, chlorine-free! It will restore UV-grayed, dirty, mildew-stained wood surface to a bright, like-new appearance.

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