5 Steps For Home Pressure Washing Done Properly

Anyone can pull the trigger on a pressure washer and blast away pretty much anything, but this can cause a lot of damage to your home. If you want your home pressure washed correctly, you have to do it the way we do it at Judge Services!
NEVER use the pressure from your pressure washer to clean the side of your home! There are 5 steps you must follow in order to safely get your house super clean!

  1. Pre-rinse the whole area (siding, gutters, and soffits), including surrounding plant-life
  2. Apply house wash solution to small sections at a time (working top to bottom)IMG_2688.JPG
  3. Wait a few minutes
  4. Scrub every inch of the area with soft bristle brushes!  IMG_2684.JPG
  5. Thoroughly rinse the entire area

Those are the basic 5 steps to properly washing your home’s exterior. It’s hard work, but we love to see how it can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal! If you would like an estimate for having your house washed, call us today!

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