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About Our Marion House Siding Washing Services
"Our house was starting to look like the haunted house with all spiderwebs and grime at Disney! Now our house is spic and span! I am one happy momma!

-Louise D., Judge Services Customer


Revitalize the look of your siding, soffits, and gutters. Brick, vinyl, wood, stucco, or Dryvit; we can clean it all.

Refresh the Look And Feel Of Your Home


When we finish washing your home's siding, you should expect extraordinary results including:

  • Impressive curb appeal
  • Areas to be cleaner than you thought possible
  • A healthy home exterior, free from mold, algae, and mildew
  • A home so clean, it will make your Marion, IL neighbor jealous!
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Efficient House Washing Services Without High-Pressure Washing


Soft washing is our preferred method because it is:

  • Safer: We don’t use any high pressure so we eliminate any possibility of damaging your siding or windows. Our solutions are safe for any type of siding.
  • More Effective: Soft washing enables us to give a detailed cleaning that lasts much longer than traditional pressure washing.
    Transformative. You will be amazed by how much cleaner your home looks and feels!

How does the siding get so dirty?

Here in Southern Illinois we have become accustomed to the varying temperatures and humidity that is a part of our unique climate.

The downside to the constant humidity is that it can actually reduce the curb appeal of your home. Humidity and changing temperatures can have long term consequences on the value of your home if not addressed by professionals.
That’s where Judge Services comes in.


Do you see unsightly green growths on your siding? Are your gutters looking gross? Are all of those spider webs starting to “bug” you? Is mold mildew a problem? We use soft washing to safely wash away all of grime that isn’t welcome.



Judge Services is a family-owned and operated business located in Carbondale, IL. Judge Services specializes in exterior cleaning, roof washing, siding cleaning, window cleaning & holiday lighting. Founded in 2014, our focus has always been to treat every customer like they are family and care for every home like it is our own. Experience quality, integrity & dependability with Judge Services. Your home may not be brand new, but we'll make it look like it is.

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My better half, Melissa, is the Principal for Tri-County School in Murphysboro. Our oldest son, Jack, turned 5 in January and our youngest son, Silas, will turn 3 in July.


In 2014 I decided to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, Don Judge. He started his own service business when he was 35 years old. “Judge Antennae & Alarms”, in Olney, IL, was the area’s household name for antennae and alarm installation. I’ll never forget when he told me that he “hadn’t worked a day since he was 35”. This is a man that would climb 50-100 foot antennae towers on a daily basis to solve his customer’s problems with their TV reception. He loved his small service business so much, that it never felt like work to him.


I, too, love what I do. Providing these services to my community, meeting new people and developing life-long relationships with my customers give me a great deal of pride. Thank you for considering Judge Services. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your home like it is my own.


Want to learn more about our services?

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Low-Pressure, Damage-Free Cleaning

Our Softwashing Method For Your Home

We also offer a great alternative to power washing for local homes. Our soft washing process uses low water pressure and special cleaning solutions that restore the look of your home. Our cleaning solutions remove mildew, mold, algae, moss, dirt buildup, and bacteria making homes in Marion, IL  beautiful again. Our damage-free roof washing is also in high demand because high pressure can damage your shingles, tiles, and other roofing materials.

Soft washing is a very flexible process that's safe for brick, asphalt shingles, stone, vinyl, stucco and any type of siding. That includes aluminum, steel, wood shake shingles, and wooden clapboard. There is some risk that painted and stained surfaces will be washed off during the process, but our experts can usually prevent any damage to recently painted or stained surfaces.

Soft washing can get your home just as clean as power washing. There is some risk that power washing might dislodge vinyl siding or roofing materials. Our soft washing is handled by skilled professionals who can clean the area perfectly - even handle black streak removal - without dislodging your siding and forcing water under the siding, roof tiles, or soffits. We clean any of your surfaces using no more pressure than 300 psi for soft washing. Soft washing is the safest and most effective way to clean your home's exterior.

Low-Pressure, Damage-Free Cleaning

Our Siding Cleaning Process Cares Your Home First

Proper cleaning of the siding removes dirt and different types of contaminants from the surfaces. To achieve the desired results, consider enlisting the services of a professional external cleaning company. Doing so allows you to keep your property looking magnificent.

Judge Services handles siding cleaning using industrial-grade pressure washers. Its team of professionals has many years of experience cleaning sidings. The crew adjusts pressure levels of the cleaning equipment to prevent water from seeping through vents and causing significant damage. Using improper chemicals and machines can cause wooden structures to rot.

Once the cleaning process is complete, your siding will be free of green spots and black spots associated with mold and dirt.

When small black dots and green spots appear on your siding, you should prepare for a thorough cleaning. The appearance of the spots on a siding signals the infestation mold and algae, which compromise the appearance and value of your property.

The team from Judge Services eliminates the contaminants using professional pressure washing equipment. The approach removes mold and dirt from the vinyl siding. Professional cleaning companies apply the ideal pressure that does not cause any damage to your pressure.

Applying excessive pressure may lead to water damage as it seeps through vents. As a result, wooden fixtures may rot if you decide to use improper equipment and cleaning chemicals. In some cases, domestic equipment can blow holes through the siding. Hence, the need to call external cleaning companies in Illinois.

By hiring Judge Services, you benefit from its team's vast experience handling Marion, Illinois siding cleaning work. You can count on the crew to use moderate water pressure and exercise proper care.

Low-Pressure, Damage-Free Cleaning

How does softwashing work?

Gentle and effective, soft washing employs low pressure to apply cleaning agents and water to the exterior of your home or commercial building. This can help remove bacteria, mildew, moss, dirt, and algae with ease. This technique is safe and thorough, and the best cleaning method available today.

Soft washing still uses a pressure washer but with its pressure adjusted to ensure that it does not cause irreparable damage to building materials. Soft washing can be used on stone, brick, dryvit, vinyl, and stucco. It is also a good cleaning method for composite or synthetic decks.

We do not offer pressure washing to remove dirt or grime on sensitive materials - like roofs - because it can be destructive. The only time pressure washing is used by Judge Services is when we are cleaning concrete driveways, walkways, sidewalks, paved patios, and other durable surfaces.

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