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About Our Benton Gutter Cleaning Services
"They clean my roof and gutters every year. Always professional always on time."

-Roxanne C., Judge Services Customer


Keep your feet planted on the ground and leave the ladder work to us. Your top choice for seasonal gutter maintenance.

If the weatherman says a rainstorm coming today, is your home safe from water damage? If your gutters are clogged and overflowing then you should be concerned, but only for a moment. Call Judge Services so we can eliminate that concern for you. Our Gutter Cleaning service is the solution to your problem.

Avoid Expensive Repairs, Get Your Gutters Cleaned


Gutters and downspouts that are neglected and allowed to fill can cause expensive problems for your home. The added weight from the debris and water can cause the gutter to pull away from your home. This causes the need for costly repairs to reattach them. If left full of debris, the water will overflow the gutter and cause wood rot in soffit and fascia, doorways, siding, etc. Depending on your property in the number of trees surrounding your home, your gutters should be cleaned 1 to 2 times per year.

The Benefits of Clean Gutters

  • Water flows safely away from your home. No need to worry about rainwater damaging your foundation or around your roof.
  • Eliminate breeding grounds for Mosquitos and other pesky insects.
  • No more mold and algae brewing in standing water due to clogged downspouts.
  • Peace of mind, rain or shine.
Are Gutter Guards a Better Fit For Your Home?

Gutter guards can offer you peace of mind that no debris is entering your gutter system to cause a clog. We now offer Gutter Guard Installation! This service includes an initial gutter cleaning followed by professional installation of a quality product.



Judge Services is a family-owned and operated business located in Carbondale, IL. Judge Services specializes in exterior cleaning, roof washing, siding cleaning, window cleaning & holiday lighting. Founded in 2014, our focus has always been to treat every customer like they are family and care for every home like it is our own. Experience quality, integrity & dependability with Judge Services. Your home may not be brand new, but we'll make it look like it is.

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My better half, Melissa, is the Principal for Tri-County School in Murphysboro. Our oldest son, Jack, turned 5 in January and our youngest son, Silas, will turn 3 in July.


In 2014 I decided to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, Don Judge. He started his own service business when he was 35 years old. “Judge Antennae & Alarms”, in Olney, IL, was the area’s household name for antennae and alarm installation. I’ll never forget when he told me that he “hadn’t worked a day since he was 35”. This is a man that would climb 50-100 foot antennae towers on a daily basis to solve his customer’s problems with their TV reception. He loved his small service business so much, that it never felt like work to him.


I, too, love what I do. Providing these services to my community, meeting new people and developing life-long relationships with my customers give me a great deal of pride. Thank you for considering Judge Services. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your home like it is my own.


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Cheaper than an ambulance

The Benefits Of Seasonal Gutter Maintenance

Your gutter system requires regular cleaning to prevent clogging and overspill, which can affect the walls, foundation, and the roof. Professional inspection and cleaning is the best way to keep the gutters in an optimal condition.

Hiring Judge Services ensures that the system allows rainwater and melting ice to flow smoothly to the downspout. When the gutters are clean, they can direct water away from the foundation of your property. A clogged gutter can cause significant damage to the roof and the foundation.

As a result, you will spend a considerable amount of money on repairs. For this reason, seasonal gutter cleaning saves you money by preventing damages to your property. Overspill can lead to the infestation of organisms like mold and algae. The infestation of unsightly mold and algae on your walls affects the value of your property.

When it comes to the importance of gutter cleaning, you should not underestimate the role of professional cleaning companies. Attempting to clean the gutter system as a DIY job can be dangerous. Statistics released by the Consumer Products Safety Commission show that thousands of people in the United States sustain serious injuries due to falls from ladders.

Furthermore, professional cleaning crews come with industrial-grade equipment and protective gear to ensure safety and proper handling of the cleaning process. Hiring Judge Services saves you money and helps keeps you safe. In the end, the results are sure to put a smile on your face.

The cost of cleaning gutters is lower than handling repairs caused by water damage. On the other hand, our gutter cleaning experts can help you determine the frequency of maintenance based on a wide array of factors.

You need to consider the number of trees on your residential or commercial property. If your business premise or home lies in an area prone to receiving a large amount of debris, you need to increase the frequency of cleaning work.

Judge Services ensure a thorough clean of your gutters. As such, you should take advantage of the benefits of hiring a professional external cleaning company in Benton, Illinois.

Thorough gutter cleaning procedures

Top notch service in caring for your property

Clogged gutters can lead to considerable water damage, which may give rise to damp and mold. To avoid costly repairs, hire Judge Services, a professional cleaning company that serves the residents of southern Illinois.

Blocked gutters impede the flow of rainwater, which may cause overspill onto walls. The resultant damp creates a problematic situation. The cleaning crew from Judge Services can help you remove debris and other contaminants to prevent costly damages to your property.

Judge Services professionals are trained to handle the cleaning process using specialized equipment like drain jetting tools & heavy ladders.

Our team conducts a close inspection of the gutters before embarking on the cleaning process. Advanced gutter inspection can assess the stability and structure of your fixtures

Depending on the environment around your home, the overhang of trees and such, our gutter cleaning crew will recommend an ideal maintenance schedule to keep the gutters and downspouts in an optimal condition.

Neglected gutters are a serious problem

Don't end up with a problem that costs thousands of dollars to repair

Your gutter needs to be maintained, and it should always be free from debris. A neglected gutter can cause a number of problems for your property, and these problems are often expensive too. Maintaining the cleanliness of your gutters will prevent water damage. When debris is trapped in the gutter, water will not drain properly and may even cause it to overflow. The latter can affect the structural integrity of both the exterior and interior of your home or commercial building. It suffices to say that a clean gutter can reduce the risk of water pooling around the foundation of the structure.

Debris does not only stop water from flowing freely, but its added weight can also lead to enormous damage and may even detach itself from your home or commercial building. Gutters that are not cleaned on a regular basis does not do your roof any favors because it can trap water on the roof, causing it to leak after some time.

Judge Services offers thorough gutter cleaning while ensuring that it works efficiently the way the engineer intended.

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