Giant City State Park

Giant City State Park 

Located within the Shawnee National Forest, Giant City State Park is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With eight distinct hiking trails, rappelling and rock-climbing opportunities, horseback riding, cabins, and a swimming pool to enjoy, there’s something for everyone!

This park is also known for its huge bluffs that the locals call “giant city streets.” The natural cave shelters are a sight to behold. A great post ahead.


Giant City State Park near Carbondale offers a variety of camping facilities. From cabins that overlook the bluffs to primitive sites you have to backpack into, there is something for everyone here.

The park has several hiking trails for all fitness levels and ages as well as an overnight backpacking trail. It is also a great place to practice your hiking skills before attempting a long hike like the River to River Trail.

Hiking Trails

Located in the Shawnee National Forest, Giant City State Park is a premier destination for hiking, camping, and lodging in Southern Illinois. The park has a variety of hiking trails to suit every skill level.

The park is named for the ruins of huge bluffs of sandstone, which pioneers found reminiscent of a giant city. The sandstone cliff walls are so thick and tall that even today they look like they could pass for something man-made.

The Indian Creek Trail is a short and easy hike. It takes you through a variety of different terrains and allows you to see mushroom rock and other interesting geologic formations along the way. A great place to also visit is Super Splash Park.


Hunting and fishing are great ways to enjoy the outdoors at Giant City State Park near Carbondale. There are opportunities for deer, quail, and rabbit hunting as well as crow and turkey hunting.

The park offers hiking trails in many different terrains. Especially popular is the Giant City Nature Trail, home to the? Giant City Streets?” formed 12,000 years ago by huge bluffs of sandstone.


Giant City State Park, located in Jackson and Union Counties near Carbondale, offers a variety of opportunities for fishing and hunting. The park is home to several ponds and has a number of hiking trails, including the popular Giant City Nature Trail, which features “Giant City Streets” – huge bluffs of sandstone formed 12,000 years ago.

The 4,000-acre State Park is also an excellent place for rock climbing and rappelling. Two locations, Shelter #1 bluff near the Makanda entrance and Devil’s Standtable bluff, provide climbers with a challenge.


Whether you are a camper or just looking to take in some of the natural beauty of southern Illinois, there are plenty of places to set up your own picnic. At Giant City State Park you will find numerous shaded picnic areas with grills to enjoy your meal.

The park also has some awesome hiking trails ranging from a 12-mile loop trail that is perfect for horseback riding to a trail designed specifically for disabled visitors. There is also a lake that is great for fishing.

Equestrian Trails

If you’re a horseback rider, you can enjoy the equestrian trails available at Giant City State Park. This park has a 12-mile trail and also an equestrian campground where you can stay overnight with your horses.

For rock climbers and rappelling enthusiasts, a few locations in Giant City State Park provide climbing opportunities on steep sandstone bluffs. Two of these areas include Shelter #1 and Devil’s Standtable Cliff, both located in the park near Carbondale.

The park’s Visitor Center offers interpretive displays on geology, plants, and animals. It also features a short film about the park’s rich history and a gift shop.

Visitor Center

The visitor center at Giant City State Park Makanda IL features interpretive displays on the geology, plants, animals, and history of the park. Visitors can also watch a 10-minute film about the park in the audio-visual room.

Giant City State Park is located just south of Carbondale, Illinois. It is a popular weekend getaway for those seeking outdoor adventures in a beautiful setting.

Giant City State Park offers camping in a Class A campground as well as a separate Class A equestrian campground off the horse trail. There are also a number of picnic areas and shelters. Browse the next article.



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