COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

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At this time there is a great deal of worry and concern surrounding the COVID-19, the Corona Virus.

We have put together information regarding the government's treatment and processes of sanitization for this virus.

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We follow all Center for Disease Control (CDC)  processes for application of solutions to attack this virus.
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About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID19, also known as the Corona Virus, is the name of the disease that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Like, HIV is to AIDS, SARS is to COVID-19. What is the Corona Virus? In short, it's an acute respiratory illness. The signs and symptoms are similar to flu symptoms and can vary from person to person. Recently, COVID-19 has been labeled a pandemic, and both local, state, and national emergencies have been declared. People are urged to self-quarantine, avoid mass gatherings, and unnecessary visits to public places.

How you can reduce the spread of the virus

With all the panic surrounding this pandemic, you're probably asking yourself, what can I do to remain virus and disease-free? The best way to stop the spread of this or any virus is to implement sanitation and hygiene measures. The best hygiene measure you can take is washing your hands with an anti-bacterial soap under warm to hot water (as tolerated) for a minimum of twenty seconds.

Limiting travel, not going out to stadium events, abiding by the three-foot rule when passing by strangers, and staying home are great ways to avoid coming in contact with the virus. However, the best thing anyone can do is to implement a handwashing routine. The proper technique for hand washing includes five steps: wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry.

To implement the five steps of the proper handwashing technique, start with warm water, get your hands wet, lather them, scrub for a minimum of twenty seconds, use clean water to rinse your hands, and a clean towel to dry them. Be sure to wash your hands before you eat, before, during, and after food preparation, after using the restroom, after a cough, sneeze, or blowing of the nose, and after handling garbage. If you care for children, the elderly, or the sick, you must be washing your hands every time you encounter vomit or feces. And, if you have a pet, wash your hands before and after handling either your pet or its food.

Professional sanitization services for private and public spaces

Many significant facilities, including schools, government buildings, malls, gyms, stadiums, and even casinos, are shutting down to do thorough cleanings of their buildings and facilities. This is a vital step that needs to be taken by responsible business owners and government officials. Complete cleaning of a building starts at the top, with the cleaning of the air systems, and ends at the bottom where water drains.

Hiring a service that is licensed and knowledgeable is key to protecting customers and society. The best services offer interior and exterior cleaning services. To decontaminate a small or large building, you must understand the entire structure and how to clean different elements of the building from the windows, to the walls, and the tiles. No surface should be left untouched, and every surface must be disinfected.

Professional cleaning services will provide you with detailed information about the COVID-19, including instructions on how to continue to care for your facility with proper sanitization methods, after decontamination. It's vital that business owners understand the importance of thorough decontamination and how to continuously implement sanitization practices that will protect both customers and staff until this pandemic is deemed "under control" or is no longer an issue.

The use of chlorine bleach and other disinfectants is important during this crisis. A professional cleaning service can ensure that you have the proper disinfectants on hand. Cleaning services and their staff are an important resource during this critical emergency. Their knowledge regarding what cleaners to use on what surfaces is important. Having a professional who knows the difference between ammonia and bleach, and the fact that together they create toxic and possibly deadly fumes is important. Bleach may be a stronger disinfectant but ammonia still kills germs and is great for glass or tile cleaning.

Hiring a cleaning service that knows the proper protocols to disinfect and decontaminate has become necessary. Most businesses are already hiring professionals to handle the process. Some facilities, like gyms, are implementing deep cleanings of their buildings and are hiring professionals to continuously disinfect the equipment.

The impact of a viral health hazard

Restaurants are taking precautions. In Las Vegas, hotels and casinos are shutting down or implementing new protocols to serve guests. Buffets are popular in Las Vegas. However, guests are no longer serving themselves. To limit the number of people touching utensils, servers are now serving the guests on the buffet lines. And, some restaurants are limiting the number of people they serve, limiting the number of people who are seated at a table, and limiting the number of guests staff members serve.

Airports and airlines are trying to get people to book flights by dropping rates to unseen low prices. Those who are taking advantage of these low rates are hoping the planes have been thoroughly decontaminated. Many travelers are wearing protective gear, including the N95 masks and biohazard suits. These are just a few of the radical things that we've witnessed as the pandemic, COVID-19, spreads across the United States.

The stock market has been affected dramatically by the outbreak of COVID-19. People in most industries are feeling some ramifications from the pandemic. The industrial cleaning industry is seeing a wave of clients who need services to keep their doors open. Services that specialize in industrial cleaning are vital to the restoration of society.

We are here to help

Industrial cleaning services such as ours are going out of their way to accommodate the vast number of clients reaching out and requesting services. Some cleaning companies have had to create wait-lists while others are now turning away clients because they are too booked to take on any more clients. With nearly every school, government building, and stadium shut down for cleaning, the number of professionals is being stretched thin. Many businesses are trying to find professionals today because they fully expect that by tomorrow it will be a requirement to have an industrial cleaning done to stay open for business.

If you need help or wish to speak to someone regarding sanitization services for your home, space or facility, contact us today.

COVID19, known as the Corona Virus, requires businesses to be informed, understand proper sanitization methods, disinfect their buildings, and hire a service if decontamination is deemed necessary.

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