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Dryer Vent Cleaning Near Me

If you are looking for Dryer Vent Cleaning services near me in the Southern Illinois area then you are in the right place! Judge Services offers residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning to Carbondale, IL and the surrounding areas. Dryer vent clean is super important but often forgotten about when it comes to routine building …

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Cedar Siding Restoration

Wood is a sensitive surface to clean. Especially when the wood is cedar. Cedar is much softer than pine and other popular hardwoods so it must be treated with care. Cedar siding and decks should never be cleaned using high water pressure from a pressure washer. The high pressure can damage the wood and cause …

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How to Power Wash and Stain a Deck

Is your deck looking run-down, discolored or simply not its best? Over time, elements like sun, rain and snow can take their toll on the tone and texture of your wooden deck, not to mention natural wear and tear from everyday use.

Invaluable Tips on Power Washing a Deck

Keeping your deck clean and maintaining it routinely will ensure that it serves its purpose effectively. You may also need to carry out some refinishing works to give your deck a new stylish look.

What Are The Black Streaks On My Roof?

Thanks to its many benefits including ease of installation, relatively low up-front cost, and excellent waterproofing ability, asphalt shingle is today one of the most popular materials in North America.

Discover the Hidden Benefits of Low-pressure House Siding Washing

There are various approaches that you can utilize when cleaning the exteriors of your apartments. When choosing a cleaning technique, it is imperative to assess its ability to protect your siding. An ideal cleaning approach should leave your house with no damages while enhancing its looks effectively. Luckily, the use of low pressure in cleaning …

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Christmas Light Installation Services in Carbondale, IL

Coming Fall 2018! We are so excited to bring professional Christmas light installation to Southern Illinois this year! Professionally trained and a member of the Christmas Lights Installation Professional Association (CLIPA)!This luxury service will include: Initial Christmas Light Design Consultation LED lights and decorations Maintenance of lights and decorations Mid-season inspection Installation, Removal and Storage …

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Marion, Illinois Power Washing Company Erasing Away Dirt And Algae

Locally owned and operated, Judge Services is the #1 Rated company for pressure washing and house washing services in Marion, IL and the surrounding area. We specialize in residential exterior cleaning. Top-to-bottom professional pressure washing services. We safely clean: Asphalt shingle roofs Siding Windows Sidewalk Driveways Decks Paver patios We are professionally trained in pressure …

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Pressure Washing Services in Southern Illinois

We are your one stop shop for professional pressure washing services in Southern Illinois! We specialize in all of your exterior cleaning needs. Roof cleaning, house washing, window cleaning, concrete and gutter cleaning…we do it all! We do it safely and professionally, all while providing our customers with the customer service experience they have ever …

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House Washing in Herrin, IL

House Washing is an important step in preparing your home to go on the housing market. A dirty house as bad curb appeal. People that are searching for homes online will see a dirty house and immediately assume that the previous homeowner didn’t take care of the property. This drives the value down and ultimately …

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Safe Asphalt Shingle Cleaning in Marion, IL

When we clean asphalt shingle roofs we never use high pressure. Using high pressure from a pressure washer to clean asphalt shingles will quickly weather the shingle, removing thousands of granules that help protect the shingle and your home. Instead, we use a no pressure roof cleaning method recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association. …

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House washing and driveway cleaning

We have been softwashing dirty houses all over southern Illinois. Dirty concrete hasn’t stood a chance either. We’ve been busy! But not too busy to wash your house! So give us a call today to schedule your house wash and driveway cleaning. 

Soft Wash Services in Carterville, IL

We will get your home squeaky clean all while using super low pressure! The safest way to get your home clean is the only way to do it and it’s called soft washing.  Call today to ask about getting a soft wash estimate for your home!

Gum Removal in Marion, IL

Chewing gum that is left sitting on concrete for long periods of time becomes  petrified. It is hardened by the sun and is pressed down into the concrete by lots of foot traffic, and in this case, shopping carts.  The gum would have been impossible to remove without our commercial pressure washer. When we applied …

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Concrete Driveway Cleaning in Carterville, IL

Just look at these results! Years of dirt and algae buildup were washed away leaving behind concrete that looks like new!         Don’t let those dark stains sit there for another year, they could become permanent! Call us today to schedule a free pressure washing estimate. 6185253406

House Wash in Christopher, IL

Another dirty house was cleaned up and made to look like new! Today’s house wash project was in Christopher, Illinois.               Just like all of our house washes, we scrubbed the entire house from top to bottom. We scrubbed all of the gutters, soffit and siding with soft-bristle brushes so we could safely …

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Pressure Washing Pool Decks in Herrin, IL

Summer is right around the corner! It’s time for some serious pool-side relaxation!     Who could relax when their pool deck is this dirty?  Our commercial-grade pressure washing surface cleaners will clean your concrete pool decks evenly and completely! Washing large areas of concrete with a traditional pressure washing wand will leave it with a “stripey”, …

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Old Weathered Deck?

We can give that deck new life using Deck and Dock Elastomeric Coating from Sherwin-Williams.        This product is great! It fills cracks and gaps (up to 1/8th inch) and holds down splinters. It is specially formulated to flex with changing temperatures (up to 300%!) so it is highly resistant to blistering and peeling.  …

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Interior Paint Job in Carbondale, IL

It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Step up your game with a fresh interior paint job.          A new paint job can make your house feel like a brand new space. If you’re looking for trustworthy painters to work on your interior project, give us a call today!

House Washing in Marion IL

We are your local house wash professionals! Located in Carbondale, IL, Judge Services offers the very best in complete house washes.       This beautiful farm house in Marion IL looks brand new after we power washed the brick and scrubbed all of the vinyl siding! If you have a home washing project that needs …

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Brick Washing Cobden, Illinois

Do you have brick on your home that is covered in years of mold and algae? Let us wash it clean for you!        We can wash brick, stucco, wood siding, vinyl or aluminum! Give us a call today to get a free brick washing estimate. 

How to Clean Concrete – Time Lapse Video – in Carbondale, IL

To properly clean concrete we use our commercial grade surface spinner along with our 4200 psi pressure washer. We slowly push the spinner along allowing it to completely blast away all of the dirt, mold and mildew. Afterwards we wash away all of the loosened debris, leaving the concrete surface looking clean and new again. …

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House Wash in Murphysboro, IL

        We are washing houses all over Southern Illinois this summer! Whether you live in Murphysboro, Carterville, Carbondale or anywhere else in Southern Illinois, give us a call to get a free house washing estimate!

House Wash in Herrin, IL

We are washing houses all over southern Illinois and yours could be next. If you want the very best in house washing, call us today for a free estimate. We offer the safest and most effective way of house washing that involves scrubbing the whole house with soft-bristle brushes! Don’t wait another year and allow …

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House Wash in Carterville, IL

Another house wash was completed today in Carterville, IL. No moldy surface was safe from being cleaned! We started by washing the house and then we decided to wash the tool shed, the mailbox, the driveway and sidewalk. And as if that wasn’t enough, we even washed this little pug puppy statue. “Mission House Wash” …

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House Pressure Washing in Duqoin, IL

If you live around the Duquoin, IL area and you need your house or concrete pad pressure washed, call us today and we’ll give you a free estimate.      We are proud to offer the very best in house pressure washing services.  

Parking Lot Paint Striping in Carbondale, IL

We offer professional parking lot striping or re-striping in the surrounding Carbondale, IL area. Whether you have a new lot that needs a complete new layout or an old lot that needs to be re-striped, call Judge Services for a free estimate. 

Gum Removal In Carbondale, IL

Does the sidewalk or parking lot in front of your business have unsightly stains and gum? First impressions with your customers are everything and this doesn’t get you off to a good start. We can remove years worth of stain accumulation. Having your concrete pads cleaned routinely from the beginning will prevent buildup of stains …

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Professional Siding Cleaning

   Our Siding Cleaning service offers the safest method of washing a house exterior. This method is We never rely on the pressure from our commercial-duty washer to clean the side of a home. This can cause damage to the siding and could also force water into places that you don’t want. Instead, we first lightly …

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Gutter Cleaning Professionals in Southern Illinois

Gutters are easy to forget about. They are “out of sight and out of mind”. But the truth is, if gutters are ignored for too long, they can become so clogged that they cause major damage to your home!   Protect your home by having your gutters serviced by Judge Services! Call us today! 

Power Washing in Makanda, IL

This before and after picture is a small sample of how clean we were able to make this vinyl siding. If you live in southern Illinois and you need our house washed, call us today!

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