Painting and House Washing Before and After Pictures

It’s been a busy summer! I’ve lost track of how many happy customers we’ve made after either washing or painting their houses. So many great projects completed and so many more to go!

 This house had a few height challenges and a lot of mold growing on the vinyl siding. 

 And now it looks like new!
   This house has redwood siding that had accumulated a lot of staining over the years. 

After using the right solution, some careful pressure washing brought out the beautiful, natural wood grain colors. 
   This business wanted an updated color scheme for their building. 

  What a difference!

 A lighter tone for the stairwell really brightened up the area. Plus we fixed all the nail pops and wall dings leaving these walls looking brand new. 

  And THIS is a small example of the difference you get when you call us for your interior paint projects. Painting precision is one of the many things we take pride in!

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