Deck Painting Before And After Pictures From Carbondale, IL


 This Southern Illinois deck gets beat up by the sun every afternoon. The old stain was peeling up.  Large cracks and splinters were all over the place. The customer thought maybe the deck itself needed to be replaced. 

After we washed the deck, we scraped and sanded all of the peeling stain. Then we applied two coats of Deck and Dock Elastomeric Coating from Sherwinn-Williams. This product works magic on old decks! It holds down splinters and fills up to 1/4″ gaps and cracks. The “elastomeric” flexes with varying temperature and is resistant to peeling. When it dries it has a nice Satin finish that makes it look like all of the wood was dipped in vinyl! 


It’s a brand new deck! If your deck needs rehabilitating, give us a call! We’ll come out and give you a free painting estimate!

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